Vinyl Stickers 
- Standard or PVC Stickers

Standard Vinyl Stickers PVC Vinyl Stickers

Standard Vinyl Stickers


Our vinyl stickers are water-proof, suitable for indoors and outdoor use. They can also be used in harsh environments where other types of stickers fail. They must be applied to onto a dry surface but once they are set, they will last for a long time. They are extremely durable and will handle everything you throw at them, including the general wear and tear. 
Our stickers are made out of a tough material and are available in multiple colours. They are also writeable and come in a matte finish. These Standard Vinyl Stickers look professional and are an attractive way to promote your business.  Need a custom design created? - Let us help you with that.

We can print these custom vinyl stickers for your business at very reasonable prices! Call us for a quote.

 PVC Vinyl Stickers
About 3 times thicker than Standard Vinyl Sticker, MUCH DURABLE!  Recommend for short term Outdoor-Use.
Our PVC products are made of synthetic resin (plastic), are suitable for outdoor usage, and are UV and weather resistant as well.
If you want to remove your sticker, can be easily removed through the use of a hair dryer, heat gun, and WD-40.

Need bumper stickers for your car?  We can have your bumper sticker printed up in any size you wish. We can offer you the most cost-effective prices, and we are only a phone call away. 


Silver Vinyl Stickers / Gold Vinyl Stickers 
Matt or shiny on adhesive vinyl stock will give great finishing touches to your sticker. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor, waterproof and durable.
Best sticker can print metallic sticker any shape and size.

Outdoor Vinyl Stickers   

 If you need Bumper Sticker or Long term Outdoor-use stickers, this is the right one.
1-2 colours printing is available at good price.